What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

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Over the years, I have reviewed many cover letters and I have learned a great deal about what motivates our audience.
A good cover letter does not reiterate the specific accomplishments in the resume. The resume is the place where we demonstrate in concrete terms what we have done and how well we have done it. The cover letter is more about who we are, what we stand for, why others have appreciated us, and how we can bring value to their company.
The cover letter is more abstract. It is about our feelings, our commitment, our drive, and our interests. If a cover letter is the theorem, the resume is the proof. In the cover letter, we tell them why we can be an asset to them. In the resume, we must show how we have been an asset to others.
The cover letter and resume compliment each other. If done well they fit hand in glove and combine to make a powerful impression.

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