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Discovering our Natural Gifts and Talents

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I believe that all of us are richly endowed with natural gifts and talents. Isn’t it obvious when we sit in a performing arts center and listen to a voice like that of Pavarotti, or Sarah Brightman. These are people who discovered and used their gifts to bring joy to others, and ironically, they have […]

Become a Chameleon in Today’s Job Market

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When I visited Florida, I became fascinated with the amazing capacity of these little creatures to change their color to match their environment. We can learn from them! It’s not that they become something they are not. Instead, they use resources within themselves to become what they need to be at a given moment. That’s a […]

Skiing the giant moguls of unemployment in today’s economy.

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I am a professional writer and have had the privilege of writing resumes for over 6500 people of every walk of life. Over the past 15 years my work has been mostly about helping people to get better jobs and professional opportunities. Today, it’s about survival in an economy that has imploded into unprecedented job losses and […]

Acceptability verses Unacceptability in an Interview

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What is it about an interview that connects with all the youthful messages we carry about acceptability verses unacceptability? Somewhere in time, someone indelibly impressed on our souls that as we lived our academic lives, there was some kind of transcript of life we were recording with every missed class, unfinished assignment, or lesser grade. […]

What Makes a Resume Successful?

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There are many diverse ideas about what makes a resume successful. People can be very dogmatic about what to do and what not to do when preparing a resume. There are many different resume styles. There are chronological, topical, and functional resume approaches. Of course the final judge of what works and what does not […]

What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

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Over the years, I have reviewed many cover letters and I have learned a great deal about what motivates our audience. A good cover letter does not reiterate the specific accomplishments in the resume. The resume is the place where we demonstrate in concrete terms what we have done and how well we have done […]

Should you have a one or two-page resume?

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There is much controversy about the one verses two page resume. I recommend a common sense approach. What is it going to take to differentiate yourself and demonstrate to your audience how you have brought real-world value the the companies you have represented. If you can do it one page, that’s great. If you need […]