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How Much Should You Invest in Your Best Marketing Tool?

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In these hard times, we have all been forced to cut back and analyze every purchase we make. The question is, can we afford to cut the budget on our advertising, our résumé, and our reaches to the marketplace? Can we afford to budget on the key to securing and increasing our earnings?

Discovering our Natural Gifts and Talents

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I believe that all of us are richly endowed with natural gifts and talents. Isn’t it obvious when we sit in a performing arts center and listen to a voice like that of Pavarotti, or Sarah Brightman. These are people who discovered and used their gifts to bring joy to others, and ironically, they have […]

Skiing the giant moguls of unemployment in today’s economy.

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I am a professional writer and have had the privilege of writing resumes for over 6500 people of every walk of life. Over the past 15 years my work has been mostly about helping people to get better jobs and professional opportunities. Today, it’s about survival in an economy that has imploded into unprecedented job losses and […]

Navigating Career Transitions

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Over the years I have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients who were endeavoring to make career transitions-─some weary of their career path, others interested in pursuing a lifelong dream, and others still looking for a life change. One young man told me that he had all the accountabilities of a manager without […]

Topical Verses Chronological Resumes

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People often call me and ask if I can prepare a topical resume for them. Of course having written thousands of resumes, I can do so. But before I do I like to share a few insights with them. Most people want to use a topical resume because they basically want to hide something. They […]