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What makes a distinctive and impacting résumé?

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A well-performing résumé must be distinctive, impacting, and accomplishment focused. Résumés have undergone a serious evolution in the past 10 years. Whereas a résumé was once regarded as an amenity, it has now become a required “passport” or right of passage to the professional marketplace. A résumé can no longer pass as a simple job […]

Collaborative Writing – A Vital Résumé Writing Tool

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As a professional writer, I discovered early that collaborative writing was a vital résumé writing tool. When I began résumé writing 20 years ago, I hired a front-line representative that booked appointments and filled out questionnaires for callers. When I tried to write from such material, I realized very quickly that I had many unanswered […]

Should you write your own résumé?

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Should you write your own résumé? There are a number of people that may think that their résumé must be crafted in their own words and emulate their personal communication style. Others think they can use templates and do a “slam dunk” job of developing an employment list. And yet others simply feel they can […]

What Makes a Winning Cover Letter?

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A winning cover letter is our introduction to a prospective employer. They must be rich in content and motivate our interviewer to meet with us. Cover letters can be a successful compliment to our resume. We therefore must give careful attention to how we write them! Over the years, I have reviewed many cover letters […]

Topical Verses Chronological Resumes

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People often wonder if they should use a topical rather than a chronological resume and ask if I can prepare a topical resume for them. Of course having written thousands of resumes, I can do so. But before I do I like to share a few insights with them. Most people want to use a […]

Should you have a one or two-page resume?

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There is much controversy about the one verses two-page résumé. I recommend a common sense approach. What is it going to take to differentiate yourself and demonstrate to your audience how you have brought real-world value the the companies you have represented. If you can do it one page, that’s great. If you need two […]