Résumé Samples

Everyone wants to see résumé samples on a website, I suppose to be honest, they wish they could find something they can copy and create a “free” résumé.

Career history is as individual as a fingerprint. While there are similarities in what we do, our gifts and talents are uniquely our own. Capturing that individuality in a résumé is somewhat like the difference between a novice and veteran fisherman going after a big catch. What we say, how we translate that individuality into “snapshots” of the best a person brings to his chosen field is an art form. Most of us are gifted at doing our job. Few are gifted at articulating how we do that job!

Rather than show numerous résumé samples, I would like to provide a few before and after snapshots of how expanding content and restructuring writing can create marketing impact and illuminate a client’s capabilities and accomplishments.

Before and After Snapshot

Nadine works with her clients to describe their accomplishments in clear, concrete, tangible terms. Asking the right questions and skillfully integrating cause/effect writing with proactive verbs, language, and keywords has consistently delighted and advantaged her clients.

Here’s a segment of a resume that Nadine rewrote after interviewing her client and more aggressively defining his professional accomplishments.


National Sales Manager

  • Recognized for leadership and outstanding performance; groomed for increased responsibilities.
  • Provide leadership for sales force of 15+ and service/business support staff in a commercial division.
  • Assigned to major responsibilities in marketing, production, coordination, and profitability.
  • Develop and maintain budgets; responsible for forecasts involving shipments, tooling and production.
  • Direct involvement with national and major chain accounts; corporate contacts in wide industry range.
  • Responsible for smoothly run operations and accountability.


National Sales Manager

  • Recruited, directed, and motivated Commercial Division Team, collaboratively pioneered new product development initiatives, and successfully introduced three new product lines.
  • Effectively managed profit and loss accountability and orchestrated multiple projects ranging from $500,000 to $1-million.
  • Managed development, production, and service operation and delivered $85 million in anaerobic business line.
  • Successfully drove new product launches within targeted time and budget constraints.
  • Implemented quality improvements, reduced customer returns by 50%, and averted $500,000 annual sales loss.
  • Developed/maintained international vendor relationships, negotiated competitive contracts, and successfully reduced production costs without compromising quality or delivery schedules.
  • Conducted competitive market analysis and defined/established strategic product features, benefits, and price points.
  • Prepared/presented business plans to Senior Operating Committee and VP Marketing Teams.

The following resume was prepared for Jonn by a very expensive career counseling organization.

Frustrated by a lack of results after such an exorbitant investment, Jonn called Nadine. After interviewing Jonn, she brought a much deeper dimension to his accomplishments and education. Jonn subsequently secured a new position and Nadine received the thanks of a grateful client and many subsequent referrals.

Resume Preparation by a Competitor

Not pleased with his results, John came to Nadine for a second preparation.

Résumé Excerpts

Commodity Buyer

Supply Chain Manager

New Business Development

Regional Vice President

Operations Manager

Executive Director

Product Manager/IT

Outside Sales Representative

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