Become a Chameleon in Today’s Job Market

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When I visited Florida, I became fascinated with the amazing capacity of these little chameleon creatures to change their color to match their environment. We can learn from them! It’s not that they become something they are not. Instead, they use resources within themselves to become what they need to be at a given moment. That’s a marvelous lesson for us. We can become what we need to be in a challenging economy.

While you search for your dream job, there are other things you can do. In a storm, we can hunker down in a shelter and wait it out. That may work if we have a shelter. But if we do not, we must create a shelter or more immediate form of rescue from whatever we have available to us. We have to use our ingenuity to survive.

There are those who tell us to reinvent ourselves. There is truth in that, but we must be careful how we apply that truth. While taking courses, and qualifying for new careers may be a valid course of action for those who have time, others find themselves in need right now. I believe that we have many talents. We have some things we do for work and other things we do for fun. In times of emergency, we may have to transform our hobbies or play activities into entrepreneurial emergency rescue plans. One mother became a CEO by transforming a hobby of painting birdhouses into a million-dollar production operation. Think of what you do that delights your friends. Remember you can do more than one thing at a time! Diversify yourself. Become a chameleon as you keep looking for the right job opportunity!

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