Professional Writer With 25-Year Combined Business and Résumé Writing Experience

Professional Writer

“The more I write, the more respectful I am of the power of the written word. How we say what we need to say can scale the divide between indifference and inspiration!”

Nadine Maas
Professional Writer


  • 25-year combined business and résumé writing history
  • Self-published author and business writer
  • Prepared 10,000 resumes for professionals of all walks of life
  • National and international client base
  • Collaborative writing and target marketing rationale and strategy
  • Commitment to customer service excellence
  • Professional Association of Résumé Writers, PARW, past member
  • National Résumé Writers Association, NRWA, past member

Employing her gentle and incisive interview style, Nadine characteristically assists her clients with navigating challenging career transitions and presenting their professional best. Writing successfully for thousands of senior managers, technical, and trade professionals in a multiplicity of industries, Nadine consistently produces credible and captivating marketing rationales. Combining her rich blend of business and marketing psychology with her talent for transforming negatives into positives, Nadine skillfully bridges the gap between her clients and their marketplace. Factor in her genuine concern for people, confidence-raising manner and perspective, and insistence on customer service excellence and you begin to understand why she has developed a loyal client following who thank and praise her for inspiring them to achieve their professional expectations.

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