Q & A

Following is a list of some of answers to questions that clients most often ask about the résumé preparation process.

What is Nadine’s process, and how quickly can she prepare my résumé?

Nadine has created highly-effective resume presentations and CVs for country-wide professionals in a diversity of industries and arenas. If you wish, she will interview you by telephone in the comfort of your own home or office, collaboratively prepare, edit, and perfect your résumé material with you, and fax, e-mail, or overnight the finished product within your time constraints. Presently, her turn around time is running 2 working days. She also has 24-hour service available for those who find themselves in a time-crunch with a coveted opportunity on the line.

Does Nadine specialize in any particular field?

Sometimes clients ask Nadine if she specializes in any particular kind of resume preparation. The fact is that Nadine has written thousands of résumés for professionals from every walk of life including CEO’s, VP’s, Engineers, Information Systems Managers, Software Developers, Programmers, Finance Managers, Controllers, Mathematicians, Accountants, Sales & Marketing Managers, Account Managers/Executives, Professors, Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Chiefs of Police, Police Officers, Detectives, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Health Care Professionals, Administrators, Attorneys, Scientists, Environmentalists, Customer Service Representatives, Multi-disciplinary Journeymen and others in a diversity of trades and occupations. Nadine has also written quite successfully for business owners who require presentations and proposals to secure bank or investor financing. Specializing in listening to her clients, asking the right questions, and writing collaboratively with them, she is right on the mark with even the most technical terminology and presentation. When it comes to blending marketing strategy with fine writing, and helping people to discover and articulate the best of themselves, Nadine has been characterized by her clients as the “best in the business”. So don’t be distracted in a misguided hunt for specialization when what you will really need most is the diversity and skill of your resume writer!

Does Nadine do any other kinds of writing?

Nadine also does business writing, advertising, physician and dentist statements, and letters for corporate and individual clients. Ask her about any of your writing needs.

What is Nadine’s style in resume preparation?

Of course as you read through these web pages, you are already sampling Nadine’s writing and marketing style. Nonetheless, at the bottom of the home page you will find a samples icon.  There you will find before-and-after snapshots and excerpts of résumés that will allow you to see the way she can add the dimension and impact to your professional portrait required to make a significant difference in your marketplace. As you will note, from question to characterization, accomplishment is her constant focal point.


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