Should you have a one or two-page resume?

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There is much controversy about the one verses two-page résumé. I recommend a common sense approach. What is it going to take to differentiate yourself and demonstrate to your audience how you have brought real-world value the the companies you have represented. If you can do it one page, that’s great. If you need two pages, don’t be afraid of the naysayers who tell you this is going to be the deadliest promotional mistake you ever made. The fact is that the two-page résumé is in!

As I tell my clients, “old legends never die”. But if you stop to think about how the function a résumé has changed over the years, you will understand why. A résuméwas once an amenity. Today it has evolved into a primary screening tool that has become our literal passport to the professional community. Without it, in most cases, you can’t even hope to approach your prospective interviewer. The fact is, the more advance knowledge a prospective employer has about your gifts and talents, the more likely you are to secure an interview. So don’t worry. If it takes two pages, an intelligent audience won’t disregard your résumé because of it’s length! But poor presentation, a lack of accomplishment-focused or relevant content, or a failure to demonstrate the value you can bring to their company are the real deal breakers!

I often joke with my clients about our college days when we were all terrorized by the strictest academic thesis writing requirements. We were sure that there was a room on campus, in which a person with a bean-counter mentality did nothing but measure margins and paper weight to determine the quality of our work. The corporate market sports an entirely different playing field. On that field, margins and paper weight are not the deciding factors. What matters to our market is who we are, what talents we offer, and how we can play into their purpose! So keep your eye on the ball. Remember when we are marketing ourselves, we are on a different playing field with its own unique set of rules!

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