What makes a distinctive and impacting résumé?

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A well-performing résumé must be distinctive, impacting, and accomplishment focused. Résumés have undergone a serious evolution in the past 10 years. Whereas a résumé was once regarded as an amenity, it has now become a required “passport” or right of passage to the professional marketplace.

A résumé can no longer pass as a simple job description. It must be an accomplishment-rich presentation that showcases the best of your skills and talents. Résumés do not perform well if they are superficial and filled with fluff and grandiose statements. A quality résumé should offer substantial content that demonstrates what you have done and how well you have done it and proves that you have delivered value to your employers.

Most people are very adept at doing their jobs and at a complete loss when it comes to describing their jobs or accomplishments. I often tell my clients that attempting to write their own résumé equates with trying to perform self-surgery or sew a garment on themselves while wearing it. It is a daunting if not impossible challenge. This is largely because along with not favoring writing and grammar my clients are limited by an inside-out perspective. I can bring them an outside-in perspective. We must remember that our reader knows nothing about us until we tell them. And when we tell our story we must preframe things in a way that will bring them into our experience without leaving them to fill in the blanks or expect them to know things we haven’t yet told them.

Offering 25 years of professional writing experience in the résumé writing arena, I have developed a high level of expertise in interviewing and collaboratively writing with my clients. Often they think they do not have enough of a story to fill even one page. It reminds me of a senior executive who came into my office with two 3 x 2 post-it notes, and asked if I could make a résumé out of them. I replied, “I can if you interview with me for an hour to an hour and a half.” When we concluded that interview, he was amazed to see how much rich and compelling content we created and what a rich story he had to tell! That rich and quality-focused content is what a differentiating résumé is all about. I write them every day for people of all walks of life at all professional levels.

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