Topical Verses Chronological Resumes

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People often wonder if they should use a topical rather than a chronological resume and ask if I can prepare a topical resume for them. Of course having written thousands of resumes, I can do so. But before I do I like to share a few insights with them.

Most people want to use a topical resume because they basically want to hide something. They may feel they changed jobs too often. They may feel they don’t have any experience in their area of new interest. They may be unsure of what they want and wish to cover all the bases.

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Should you have a one or two-page resume?

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There is much controversy about the one verses two-page résumé. I recommend a common sense approach. What is it going to take to differentiate yourself and demonstrate to your audience how you have brought real-world value the the companies you have represented. If you can do it one page, that’s great. If you need two pages, don’t be afraid of the naysayers who tell you this is going to be the deadliest promotional mistake you ever made. The fact is that the two-page résumé is in!

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