Should you write your own résumé?

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Should you write your own résumé? There are a number of people that may think that their résumé must be crafted in their own words and emulate their personal communication style. Others think they can use templates and do a “slam dunk” job of developing an employment list. And yet others simply feel they can save money by writing it themselves.

The reality is that the résumé writing craft has changed dramatically. Whereas a résumé once could pass as a simple job summary, today a résumé must function as a primary marketing tool. A résumé cannot simply list the places you have worked, dates, titles, and perhaps a brief job description. Employers aren’t looking for a job description. They are looking for talented people who do their jobs well and bring value to the companies that have employed them.

The professionally written résumé by a proven résumé service is the only effective way to target the quality positions you want. Such a résumé must be accomplishment-focused. It must show your value, not only what you have done, but how well you have done it. Quantifying is always a good idea, even when our employment is somewhat abstract. That requires the strategy and expertise of a skilled résumé writer. Remember, it’s not just quality writing that makes a winning résumé. It is the content—content that tells your story, showcases your talents, and inspires and motivates the reader to interview you.

I have a dear friend who is an expert fisher woman. And one day when she was telling me the cost of her lures, I said, “Isn’t that a lot to spend on a fish who may snatch your lure and not become a catch?” She smiled and replied, “If you want the big fish, you must be willing to spend money on the best lures.”

And that is an excellent analogy to explain the difference between a homemade résumé and a professionally-written résumé. If you want the best jobs, you must present yourself at your best. And frankly, most people are not gifted writers, and most people have difficulty even recognizing or articulating the best of their talents and accomplishments.

So next time someone tells you to write your own and save the money, think twice. An unproductive job search can be very costly, and every day you spend looking for jobs instead of interviewing for them can be demoralizing. Don’t be tempted to lose valuable time and potential earnings. Find a professional writer that can tell your story and enjoy the differentiating advantage of a professionally-written résumé!

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