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Use relevant keywords and outsmart applicant tracking systems.

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Keywords are your ticket to assuring the relevancy of your résumé  and successfully sidestepping the potential hazards of Applicant Tracking Systems. Such systems store, scan, and select job applications and résumés for prospective employers. This once traditionally major company recruitment methodology has now evolved into a standard approach for small and large companies alike, and […]

Should résumés have an objective?

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Years ago, we would try to craft a generic résumé objective that would open the playing field for prospective clients. Today, résumés are trending away from objectives. A résumé should tell your story, what you have done and how well you have done it. But the objective is more specific and from that perspective, we […]

Should you write your own résumé?

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Should you write your own résumé? There are a number of people that may think that their résumé must be crafted in their own words and emulate their personal communication style. Others think they can use templates and do a “slam dunk” job of developing an employment list. And yet others simply feel they can […]

Do I need to create a résumé to target a specific job?

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People frequently ask me to write a résumé to target a specific job. While some believe this is a viable strategy, it can be a very risky and expensive proposition. Unless a person has had two distinct careers and corresponding experience, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do this. The truth is, our […]

What Makes a Résumé Successful?

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There are many diverse ideas about what makes a résumé successful. People can be very dogmatic about what to do and what not to do when preparing a résumé . There are many different résumé styles. There are chronological, topical, and functional résumé approaches. Of course the final judge of what make a résumé successful […]